purple cowboy

Artist's statement

Please, find your point of entry. I want no more than one degree of separation between viewers of my art and the mosiac of ephemera therein. My mission is to evoke our collective human experience in metaphorical Venn diagrams through the ephemeral litter that defines and shapes our lives. The proof of our endeavors, misdeeds and hankerings are rendered into sets and subsets and emerge as an orderly pattern of color and movement. Between our birth and death certificates, we amass a cadre of artifacts that define our cultural narrative in much the same way as clay shards distinguish an ancient culture. These artifacts are carefully culled and fragmented before they are pushed and pulled into the bisecting and intersecting cells of the finished art. They lie upon, and are embellished by, a limited-pallete patchwork of acrylic paint.
Each 24"x36"* piece is constructed of sanded birch bonded to a rabbet-joined maple framework crafted by Russell Waters.

*unless otherwise noted

blue guitar on a red wave
disson saws are well designed
a venn diagram of insects and violins the ephemera that is Amy Raudenbushd
the ephemera that is Amy Raudenbushd
legs too are ephemeral designed